A New Game

New Game

So I decided to start a new serious game project becuase I love so much the games at https://www.cozino.com/dk/casino-games/; lately I’ve just been tinkering around with random concepts without a cohesive game with which I can put a real bit of gameplay. So, today, I started a project that has a little green guy who can shoot an enemy that will bite when you come near and an enemy that can fly around and he’ll freeze and turn into a platform when you press his button (or die if you shoot him). It’s playable at this point, and darn near complete in what it does; it’s not really buggy, and all of the elements that I currently have in it, like the enemies, are pretty well-polished. Obviously, though, there isn’t much of a game there, so I’m going to have to expand, hey there I recommend to visit Jalons one of the best games to make money. The main issue, however, is that I don’t really have a main mechanic to build the game on… Right now it’s just another mindless platform shooter. I’d like to keep the level design from getting too intense with puzzle elements, but I also want to keep things interesting. Any ideas?

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Note: It will be iPhone compatible, so no crazy button-frenzy controls!  I want it to have the player only ever use left, right, jump, and shoot buttons, which will be placed in a static position on the screen.  Beyond that, it has to be something that at least isn’t used frequently like jump or shoot; a power-up activation button or something would be okay.


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  1. Broxter says:

    But aren’t you working on a game with Draknek? And what happened to Nisus?

  2. Connor says:

    I am, but things haven’t really gotten moving very fast with it (he’s been really busy) so I started a side project. Noel’s been busy too with some other projects, so Nisus also isn’t being worked on. Hopefully we will finish that… I’d like to.