I’ve begun work on my next game using a lighting engine (open source, feel free to use it!) that I put together after giving a bit of thought to pixel-by-pixel raycasting, and I’m really enjoying this process.  The game is pretty far from completion, as I would want to do a full adventure game (probably a metroidvania) and so far all I have are a couple enemies, what will most likely end up being a boss, rudimentary attacking, and a level editor that I’m building alongside the game (presumably to release with it).  Here’s a screenshot of one of the pre-made levels I have in the editor with some static lights I put down using :

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The level editor is hopefully going to be pretty easy to use after my work on it, as right now it uses XML files that I can load into the game by simply copy-pasting levels I’ve made.  This will definitely speed up the process of finishing the game once I get to simply grinding out levels later on before release.  Today I added some background color tiles that you can put in of varying size, and I’m using three default colors right now; I can add as many as I like without any extra effort, so there will probably be several more that I will add in the future.  Also, I added an obstacle, which is a red beam of light.  This one was interesting to add to the editor, as I wanted to let the player preview where the beam will carry before and after the beam is placed, which was a bit of a challenge.  Here’s an image of it in-game:

Please let me know what you think of the game as I work on it; I’ve already begun to run low on ideas, and eventually I’ll need a storyline for it.  Help would be greatly appreciated!  Here’s a link to the game on the website, which will be updated frequently: Lightus (name in progress).

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  1. Roman says:

    Hi! Is there a possibility to change the light’s intensity? The ‘character’ can have the brightness of 5 (for example), and every time you shoot, you lose 1 point, and that light remains where it is landed. After you have spent all 5 points, you lose any lighting ability (but remain visible on screen). You can collect all the lights back, restoring your initial brightness.
    Or – you can collect the lights found during the game progress and use them to go further.
    Just ideas.

  2. Matthew Carson says:

    Very cool effect. I tried to download the source code, but the link is 404.

    I would love to dig through the code and see how it works.