I started up a new game using my recent lighting engine, and I’ve added a level editor that can be used inside the game to generate XML files that can be used to save and load levels.


Simple: , , and for in-game, and press <1/2> then in the editor to play.


…   on objects in the selection area, then click on the screen to place.  For the wall object (the first one), click and drag to give its dimensions.

…   to start and end a test of your level.

… <1/2> loads a premade level of mine into the editor.


…   to move.

…   to aim and shoot mines.

…   to place a static light.

Saving and loading are not very streamlined systems yet, but here are the steps:

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…   to test your level and press again to go back to the editor.

…  Click on the “Load” button so the level code appears, then select the text by clicking.

…  Copy the text, then put it in a word document that you can save.


…  Click the “Load” button again so that the text appears.

…  Paste the text from your save file and click “Load” again to add it to the editor.

…   to test the level.

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