Multi-Touch Softbody Physics, Day Two: Collisions

So I did some more messing around with my softbody simulation, staying up to an ungodly hour, and I managed to get some relatively stable collisions along filled figures like circles, rectangles, and triangles using some work with formulas I found in this article. The article gives a nice overview of softbody physics, and I got some nice results for the collisions when I grabbed a couple formulas (geez, those given values were not easy to find…). Anyway, the game is a bit laggy now, sadly, so optimization is going to have to come before I throw anything public with it. I really would like to stay off of the iPad or iOS devices considering how limited it will be in the FPS department, but having the multi-touch on the screen really puts me over the edge; it’s just not the same on a computer. I’ll put up a version to play online at some point, if I decide against the Kickstarter project (mentioned in the last blog post) or if it fails on me, but it’ll be a bit before I know whether or not it’s a good time to release. Here’s another picture with me grabbing one of the nodes and the bottom part hitting a floating circle:

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