Multi-Touch Softbody Physics for iOS and Summer Plans

I just started an experiment yesterday in using Verlet Physics Integration to make a multi-touch softbody physics engine on my Dad’s iPad, and I made a cool little app where you place nodes (grid or not), then you can press play to run the app using the soft physics and your shape(s) that you made. You can connect different nodes, and you can delete them and such to play around with it. It’s a bit of fun, but there’s not a ton of replayability thus far; basically just messing around for a moment. I want to make it so that I can get some softbody collisions in there, but I’m having difficulty getting it running, so disconnected objects pretty well ignore each other altogether.

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One cool feature is that you can grab up to eleven vertices when playing around, which is a ton of fun. I’ve gotten all ten fingers each grabbing a node and stretching the shape out, which is cool to throw around in different ways. Below is a picture of me grabbing with three fingers:

Touch my softbody.

This little app is functional for browser play, without the multi-touch, but I think I may wait because I’m planning to open up donations for a possible Kickstarter project where I will take on making 15 small flash toys (like the others I have been making recently, i.e. Conglomerater, Blocks, and Mold) over the span of 30 days from June 1 – July 1. I may mess around with the number of programs (possibly reduce it to ten, in case I’m over-estimating my ability), but I would put it up for about $3,000 minimum of donations to fully fund it over 30 days in May. We’ll see how it goes, but I’d really like to do this, yet I’d need the money to pay for it.

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