Project Gamate

I started a project this week with Noel Berry (Canadian game developer, creator of Leap4Blue, and brother of Liam Berry, who made the music for Quietus) that has been so far dubbed “Gamate.”  This will be a community-driven project, and a webpage will soon be made with more information and the proper description of how it will be fully community-oriented and the path (or lack thereof) for development.  I’ve been working on a level editor for the game that will allow players to make and share levels, as well as allow us to make XML-based levels for the game easily and intuitively.  Above is a picture of the editor with many features that may not be present in the future version but were placeholders and leftovers from when I worked on the project before deciding on the latest plan for development.  Anyway, look for updates, as they will be very frequent when things start rolling!

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