Dungeon 1

Well, I haven’t posted for quite a while!  The reasons for this are a select few–mostly that I started a new game project, but also that I’ve started freshman year of college and that has a bit of a workload attached.  This game project has been very fun so far, however, as it is by far my largest game yet.  It has exactly 60 levels at the time of writing, and it is a significant deviation from my typical completed works, as it is an adventure game.  “Shrum,” as it has been called to this point, is largely inspired by the older Legend of Zelda games, and is centered around a little guy working his way through an open world filled with (what will eventually be) 8 dungeons and many item pickups.

Dungeon 2

The storyline is still very much in progress, and certain other important features are still on their way (no saving, health regenerates on room entry, combat needs to be tweaked, etc.), but I have been feeling very good about this project as it has been the longest-running project, as well as the most content-heavy.

Dungeon 3

There are currently 5 complete dungeons (except for the 4th dungeon boss), and I just did tilesets for the 6th and 7th.  There will be 8 final dungeons, 7 of which will give you new permanent upgrades, and the 8th will be a final dungeon.

Dungeon 4

The items that you find in each dungeon are quite different, starting with the sword, then the shield, and ending in more unique items like the “ghost spear.”  In all, I hope to bring back some LoZ nostalgia in players, but I want to make sure that the game style and many of its elements are uniquely my own.

Dungeon 5

Working with me on the project is my friend, Joe Biglin, who is helping me with ideas and music.  So far there are no sounds in the game, but he’ll be helping me with that by providing a different track for each dungeon, a few for the overworld, and boss music.  I will be making the other sound effects in BFXR as well.

Dungeon 6

I hope this has fueled a bit of interest for what is to come with Shrum in the future, and I will be seeking sponsorship once the game is complete, for anyone who is interested in talking with me about it.


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  1. Gornova says:

    Hi and welcome back!
    Nice to see some update, keep us informed. It’s flash based?

    • Connor says:

      Sure is! Part of the size of the game being so large is because my friends thought that it was only possible to do small games in flash, and I wanted to show them that it can do a lot more than you’d think.

  2. Robert says:

    I can’t wait to try it out! your gam looks awesome!
    Erm, i usually like customizable avatars. would the different armor/weapons etc. change the protagonists sprite?