Praepoch – Ludum Dare #24 Entry

So I joined the 48-hour Ludum Dare competition this weekend with my entry “Praepoch.” The name comes from the Latin prefix “prae-” meaning “after” and “epoch,” meaning “the beginning of a time of great change.” The idea behind this is that you are uncovering the origins of species in your world through your quest to discover what the small creatures that attacked you outside your house are from. The world is relatively small, but it features a variety of different places, music, and enemies, as well as three different weapons and a few little interesting mechanics. The idea behind this is to enjoy the world and take it in, all the while trying to discover what exactly it all means in terms of the theme of LD #24, “Evolution.”

In short, I really hope you enjoy Praepoch as much as I had a blast putting it together in the 48-hours I had!

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