Oblitus: The Start

Noel Berry and I started a new game called “Oblitus” (Latin for “forgotten”) about two weeks ago, and it’s been a blast to develop. We’re doing something completely different than in the past, as this game is a fantasy-based action RPG with high-resolution graphics. I tend to (always) develop with pixel art, but we’re putting our tablets to use and seeing if we can make a fun, good-looking game without pixelling. We’ve come pretty far in these last two weeks, and we’ll be updating a tumblr with our progress as we go.

We’re using the newly kickstarted and released application “Spine” to do our animation, and so far it’s a blast. I’ve enjoyed making many complex animations for our characters (so far, the current candidate for the player is sitting at 15 animations), and they’re looking great. I had to write my own JSON importer to take in the animations from the files exported by Spine but, in doing so, I’ve become very familiar with the program and making animations smoothly transition from one to another in it (as well as do more complex actions, like stab at the mouse instead of simply following the animation’s normal path).

Noel has been hard at work making a map editor for the game. It’s very cool so far, exporting and importing xml files for levels, and it’s already useful for prototyping levels. The game will open-world, and our plan for the editor is to make the whole map in it and divide the map up into rooms using rectangles. We’re hoping it will be very useful in allowing us to make the game feel inter-connected and open.

We’re hoping to make Oblitus a strategy-based combat game, where the player is going to do a lot more dodging and blocking than they are attacking. It’s going to be hard, but it’s also going to draw you in with its interesting environments and hands-off approach to storytelling. We hope you’ll enjoy it when you get a chance to play, and we hope you stay updated on our website, oblit.us, and tumblr.


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