and the Candy Saga has been making its way through the news lately over their trademark rampage wherein they’ve bullied smaller developers off of titling their games with common words like “candy” and “saga.” Frankly, I’m completely disgusted at the news, and I went to their Contact Us page and sent them the below message:

However easy it was to twist a broken system into allowing you to take hold of common words like “candy” and “saga” as trademarks, it’s incredibly disappointing to see successful developers like yourselves attack other studios over words for which you–law or no law–simply don’t have any claim of ownership. It’s unethical and immoral, and I’ll be using whatever small power I have to convince people that you and your products are not worth the time or money to support.

I don’t think this will have an impact in any way, but I needed a way to let some of my frustration loose. Especially considering recent experiences of my

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own with unjust trademark bullying.

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